Aquaponic farming

This is a type of farming, consists of two main parts: aquaculture (cultivating aquatic animals) and hydroponics (cultivating plants in water). In order for this system to function, bacteria need to be added to the system as well. The whole system is divided in numerous compartments, that include systems for effective removal of waste, filtration system, Read more about Aquaponic farming[…]

Turbines submerged in water (Part 2)

In part one we have covered the turbines, that have found their place in rivers. Now, I would like to talk a bit more about the turbines ”rolling” in the oceans and seas. As you probably already noticed, we as human beings are uncontrollably driven to solve problems (new inventions, improvement of old ideas etc.). Read more about Turbines submerged in water (Part 2)[…]

Turbines submerged in water (Part 1)

We as human beings like to come up with new, innovative things and we invent something new almost every day. Even if something already exists we do our best to beat the ”good ol’ thing” and make it even better. This article (in all four parts) is dedicated to hydro-power plants (and it’s turbines) since Read more about Turbines submerged in water (Part 1)[…]

Obtaining energy from wind turbines

We like turbines spinning in the wind very much and we refer to them as a renewable and sustainable source of energy. We like them placed on high sticks and as the newest fashion shows, we also like them, when they float. However, all of the listed options have something in common – to find Read more about Obtaining energy from wind turbines[…]

The truth behind hydropower plants

About 16,4% of worlds electric energy was produced by hydropower plants in 2016 and the percent is still rising due to more and more of them being built every year. It is stated, that they:    Are environmental friendly,    Provide clean energy that is completely renewable and sustainable,    Help maintain farming lands (accumulation of water that Read more about The truth behind hydropower plants[…]