Fukushima – 7 years after the disaster

7 years ago (on 11.03.2011), a disaster struck in Japan and the whole world was talking about it. An earthquake with the magnitude of 9.0, followed by a tsunami occurred and it destroyed a part of Fukushima power plant. After the wave, there was a huge explosion, followed by fire and smoke. With the help Read more about Fukushima – 7 years after the disaster[…]

Turbines submerged in water (Part 1)

We as human beings like to come up with new, innovative things and we invent something new almost every day. Even if something already exists we do our best to beat the ”good ol’ thing” and make it even better. This article (in all four parts) is dedicated to hydro-power plants (and it’s turbines) since Read more about Turbines submerged in water (Part 1)[…]

Power plant with negative emissions

What would you say if I would tell you that a power plant with zero emissions is possible? Probably, your answer is: cool, let’s do them! But what if I would say, that a power plant with negative emissions is possible? Then I see two possible scenarios. One would be you screaming ”are you mad!?” Read more about Power plant with negative emissions[…]