Impact of the hydropower on the environment

I have already covered the turbines submerged in rivers as well as in the oceans and seas. I also covered the steps, we need to take before the construction of a hydropower plant. We found out that in order to do this, we need a ton of brain power (imagination, creative thinking, research, etc.) and Read more about Impact of the hydropower on the environment[…]

What are ecosystem engineers?

First, let me get one thing straight. This term doesn’t have the same meaning as the term keystone species, even though a keystone species usually is an ecosystem engineer. An ecosystem engineer is an organism, that has a crucial role in creating, destroying, modifying and/or maintaining habitat. With their specific behavior, they influence the availability Read more about What are ecosystem engineers?[…]

The truth behind hydropower plants

About 16,4% of worlds electric energy was produced by hydropower plants in 2016 and the percent is still rising due to more and more of them being built every year. It is stated, that they:    Are environmental friendly,    Provide clean energy that is completely renewable and sustainable,    Help maintain farming lands (accumulation of water that Read more about The truth behind hydropower plants[…]