Why are we afraid of two degree temperature increase?

You have most likely already heard of the Climate change meetings (the last one was held in 2015 in Paris). Scientists were extremely happy when a document was signed by (almost) all countries, stating, they will follow some rules, that will help prevent raising the average global temperature for more than 2°C as it was Read more about Why are we afraid of two degree temperature increase?[…]

Fukushima – 7 years after the disaster

7 years ago (on 11.03.2011), a disaster struck in Japan and the whole world was talking about it. An earthquake with the magnitude of 9.0, followed by a tsunami occurred and it destroyed a part of Fukushima power plant. After the wave, there was a huge explosion, followed by fire and smoke. With the help Read more about Fukushima – 7 years after the disaster[…]

Volcanic eruptions – what happens after them?

Well, obviously, a volcanic eruption results in chaos and people don’t run around in a panic for no reason. Besides the river of molten rock, there are also high concentrations of gases and volcanic ash being released. The gases and ash are usually (at least partly) relocated by the winds. While the gases can travel Read more about Volcanic eruptions – what happens after them?[…]

Impact of the hydropower on the environment

I have already covered the turbines submerged in rivers as well as in the oceans and seas. I also covered the steps, we need to take before the construction of a hydropower plant. We found out that in order to do this, we need a ton of brain power (imagination, creative thinking, research, etc.) and Read more about Impact of the hydropower on the environment[…]

Fireworks and the new year’s eve

In a way, it is very interesting that the tradition of celebrating the new year have something in common almost everywhere we go. Of course, I am talking about the beautiful, bright, and loud exploding things we can come across in the night sky around that time – the fireworks. It is interesting to know, Read more about Fireworks and the new year’s eve[…]

Making broad lands leads to desertification

Desertification is a process, where a fertile land becomes a desert. You would think that making a dessert from a land flourishing with life would be nearly impossible or would at least, take a long time. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In the last 40 years, we have already lost about a third of Read more about Making broad lands leads to desertification[…]

Wildfires – what happens after them?

Many wildfires start with the help of a human hand (a still burning cigarette was thrown away, campfires, fireworks, etc.). Only a small percent of them are ignited in one of the natural ways (strike of a lightning, volcanic eruption etc.). Fire can also start because of natural processes. If we look at the pile Read more about Wildfires – what happens after them?[…]

The truth behind hydropower plants

About 16,4% of worlds electric energy was produced by hydropower plants in 2016 and the percent is still rising due to more and more of them being built every year. It is stated, that they:    Are environmental friendly,    Provide clean energy that is completely renewable and sustainable,    Help maintain farming lands (accumulation of water that Read more about The truth behind hydropower plants[…]